Kind Veg Food Outreach

Kind Veg became a non-profit organization April 27, 2010.  All donations or grant funds received go towards purchasing healthful plant based foods or for minimal business expenses. We are dedicated volunteers desiring to help people within Erie County, Pa with the focus being in the city of Erie.

In 2019 Compassionate Actions Project rebranded as Kind Veg to expand our food outreach. Our mission is to provide healthful, healing plant based foods and personal care items to eligible low income people. It is in this way Kind Veg is helping in the best ways we can.

We greatly appreciate when businesses have Kind Veg Food Drives!

Food For Life Global
A Well Fed World
Vegan Spirituality

For more information on the organizations we support in Erie, PA, visit our Kind Pantry page.

    Contact Us

    PO Box 1523
    Erie, PA 16512

    501(c)3 ID: 27-2627420


    Katherine Green is the Founding Director of Kind Veg.  She became an Ordained Spiritualist Minister and a Certified Metaphysician in May 2009.  Her mission is to help people living in poverty obtain healthy plant foods without causing harm to other living beings.  She studied Human Services and earned her degree at JCC, a State University of New York.  She holds a Certificate in Vegetarian Nutrition with the Association of Vegetarian Dieticians and Nutrition Educators.

    Katherine adopted a plant-based diet in 2003, after learning how this healthful diet is also more environmentally sustainable than an animal-based diet.  In addition, she likes that the food she consumes and her several food programs do not cause harm to farm, sea and wildlife animals.

    In addition to her non-profit organization, she runs the Vegan Spirituality Group in Erie, PA.  Katherine is married and has two daughters, a son and a granddaughter.  Her greatest blessings in life are her loving family members and friends.

    Board of Directors

    Claire Holzner is a teacher of English as a Second Language who lives in central Pennsylvania. An ethical vegan since 2007, she believes that both human and non-human animals are sentient and should be treated kindly.

    David Green, an environmental advocate, cares about social justice issues people living in poverty often face. David is an Ohio State business graduate and a retired Certified Public Accountant. He also loves animals and advocates for people to adopt a vegan diet.

    Jessica Carlson has been employed in education for approximately 10 years. As a volunteer in her community, she spends many hours focusing on creating supportive community groups to help educate and provide resources for people interested in healthy plant based eating. Jessica was previously employed with FARM as their Director of Operations leaving in 2018 as FARM transitioned over to Compassion Over Killing, where she was employed as their Director of Operations. Jessica is now employed with Cohere Health Insurance as an Operations Manager.

    Zia Terhune became a vegan after reading Diet for a New America, by John Robbins. She has created various potluck groups one of which Veg For Life, in Gainesville, Florida is still going strong today after many years later. Zia is the Co-Founder of Veg Fund Inc. the accomplishment of which she is most proud.

    Joshua Awesome left his former life of big money to support non-profits and vegan businesses. He learned that life is more than money and so he does not focus on it. He gathered a wide variety of skills( IT, design and business structure) and loves to share them with planet saving “

    Laurie Craig graduated from the University of Toledo with a marketing degree and has worked in the commercial insurance business since 1995; however, her passion is in helping animals and people. Kind Veg / Compassionate Actions Project offers a great opportunity to help both, and Laurie is very appreciative to be part of this organization and support its mission.organizations.